Tuesday, July 17, 2007

He rolled!!!

Our clever little boy rolled for the first time today ... from his tummy to his back, twice in a row. He was lying nudie on our bed, after a shower with Dad when he did it. Gareth and I were so excited that we cheered really loudly. Poor Jambin - he got such a fright at our cheering that he burst into tears. What a way to celebrate such a momentous moment.

Sunday, July 15, 2007


His new trick!

Jambin likes to throw his hands over his face while feeding - maybe he thinks he needs to protect my modesty.


This is Jambin's usual look after he's finished a feed and is being supported in sitting to have a burp.

On the swings with Mum and Nan

Monday, July 2, 2007

Twinkle toes

Gummy smiles

GreenKids Nappy

In groovy clownfish design.


Gareth and Pop tried, unsuccessfully, to get Jambin's handprints. Unsuccessful, because his little fist stayed curled up, and just wouldn't open out flat.


We're still having lots of problems with breastfeeding, but these are some lovely photos of when it's working out OK:

Some great resources for anyone experiencing breastfeeding problems are:
Australian Breastfeeding Association
Breastfeeding Made Simple
Dr Jack Newman's Online Breastfeeding Resource

This is the rug that Nanna knitted ....

... while going across the Nullabor Plain. Grandad says that he helped by doing all the driving so that Nanna could knit.

Berry Plush nappy

We've been using modern cloth nappies with Jambin, and disposables for outings. Some of our favourites are Baby Beehinds, BumGenius All-In-Ones, and hemp prefolds. This one is a Berry Plush All-In-Two nappy ... very luxurious for Jambin's bum!