Saturday, March 17, 2007

I'm on Maternity Leave!

36 weeks, 1 day pregnant:

Yesterday was my last day at work, and as much as I enjoy my job, my tiredness was increasing, and I was definitely ready to finish. I've got maternity leave for 10 months, and am due back at work on 4/2/08. It seems so long away, but I'm sure the time will go quickly. Now that I am on maternity leave, I am looking forwards to having some time to finish everything up in preparation for little Bean's arrival - the nursery isn't ready, the carseat isn't in the car, my labour bag isn't packed, I haven't washed any of Bean's little outfits or nappies yet, and the house definitely proves that I haven't done much nesting yet! All going well, I should have at least 4 weeks to get things organised, maybe more, as people tell me that first babies usually go overdue.

Gareth and I went out to the Lawnton Tavern to celebrate last night ... I was having really regular Braxton Hicks (practice) contractions, about every 5-15 minutes, but they didn't get any stronger or closer together, so I think Bean is just practicing for the Big Day!

Today I went to Breastfeeding Class at the hospital where I'll be giving birth. I was a little bit disappointed, because when I booked in I was told that the class was for the mummies only, but when I arrived today, the Lactation Consultant running the class was surprised that none of the daddies came (except one ... he must have felt a bit silly all on his own). It would have been good for Gareth to listen to all the information too.

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Anonymous said...

What a beautiful baby - must take after the grandparents! That's a clue as to who is writing this. Enjoy your 'nesting time' - perhaps you had better pack the hospital bag first.