Sunday, May 10, 2009

Introducing Darcy

On the 3rd May 2009, Darcy Rose was born via caesarean section at the Royal Hospital for Women.
For those who like the details, she weighed 4725g (approx 10lbs 7oz) and was 54.5 cm long.
She was born very healthy, with Apgars of 9 and 9.
She was slightly hypoglycaemic at birth, but that resolved after her first breastfeed.
She is feeding beautifully.

Her big brother, Jambin, is so proud of his new little sister.
He takes every opportunity to give her kisses and cuddles.
He tries to share his food with her, and is hoping that she is old enough to build Duplo with him soon.

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Michelle's World said...

Yay - so glad to hear that feeding is going well for you this time!

Lucy said...

It is way way way too long since I have relished in your blog. Darcy's arrival has lured me!

Congratulations sweet Cherie, to you all, on her safe arrival. She looks quite beautiful. And so do you.

Lucy xxx