Sunday, August 2, 2009

Meal Plan for the Week

Last week I ordered my groceries from Coles Online for the first time. Can I just say that the $9 delivery fee and slightly higher costs were WELL AND TRULY WORTH IT! Not having to lug groceries and 2 children home on the pram (resembling an overladen mule) and then up 3 flights of stairs was, well, priceless. Instead, some lucky person walked the aisles for me and selected all my goods, and then a lovely young man with a trolley brought them up the stairs, right through my front door and onto the kitchen table.

So, tonight I put in my second order. It helps immensely to have planned my meals in advance, so this is what our family will be dining on this week:

Monday - Spaghetti Bolonaise
Tuesday - Spaghetti Bolonaise
Wednesday - Mexican Chicken Tortilla Soup
Thursday - Mexican Chicken Tortilla Soup
Friday - Vegetable stir fry with rice noodles
Saturday - Roast Pork with veges
Sunday - Roast Pork with veges

Since the paediatrician has had me cut dairy and soy out of my diet, as she suspects Darcy is allergic/intolerant to them, meal planning is a bit trickier than usual. And because we're busy people, we eat the same things 2 nights in a row usually.

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