Sunday, October 24, 2010

Planting strawberries

I have a bit of a brown thumb. No really, once I killed a cactus. Several aloe veras, African violets, and a silver queen indoor plant arrived in the great Plant Heaven after receiving my careful ministrations.

So it seems somewhat strange that I have decided that I need to start growing my own food. I have delusions visions of a lush paradise in my own backyard, verdant and healthy, in which I can wander through picking fresh, yummy, organic produce straight off the vine and popping it into my mouth.

And the first step to fulfilling this wonderful vision was the planting of 2 strawberry plants of the Nellie Kelly" variety (purchased at the advice of a random employee from Bunnings). Hopefully I can keep them alive long enough for the army of snails in our backyard to sample some of the fruit when it appears. Wish me luck!


Michelle said...

good luck plant killer!! :-) We have never had luck with strawberries - the ants seem to love them too much. Herbs are pretty safe and hardy to grow.

Kristy said...

YUM1 Strawberries!

Another way to try and grow them is in hanging baskets - too much like hard work for the snails to get up there! ;)

Good luck!