Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Painting with eyedroppers

We'd had a few wet, rainy days and too much indoors time.
So some food colouring diluted in water, eyedroppers, and paper towels = FUN! We experimented with mixing colours (yellow + blue = GREEN) and discovered that mixing all three colours leaves us with 3 shades of brown.
Jambin loved this activity - he spent probaby 45 mins doing this while I sat at the table with him, knitting and nursing a lovely cup of hot coffee. Last night I sticky-taped them up on his bedroom wall in the shape of bunting. They match his red sheets perfectly.

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Toru said...

This is great. Where do you get the eyedroppers from?

Cherie said...

I got them from Riot Art & Craft, an Aussie store. Where are you located?

Toru said...

I'm in VIC, I think I know where a Riot store is, so I'll look for them when I'm next over that side of town - thanks :)