Sunday, July 6, 2008

My love affair with a mixmaster

Gareth and my in-laws bought me this for a birthday gift a few years ago, alone with some matching pink utensils (of course!). I love it. It gives me joy to look at it sitting on my kitchen bench. And because it's not tucked away in a cupboard, I use it a lot. Yesterday I decided to make cupcakes on a whim .... 15 mins later they were in the oven. If I had to dig through my crowded cupboards to get a mixer or electric beaters out, I can pretty much guarantee than those cupcakes we had for dessert last night would not have been baked. It's got a bread hook attachment which I've never used, mostly because I like to make my bread by hand. But it's nice to know that it's there if I ever feel the urge to use it.
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Michelle's World said...

I like mine too, though mine is in a cupboard and I do barely use it - I mix my cupcakes by hand! Therapeutic and the boys can then mix too! Glad to see a new post!!

Lucy said...

You (and your Mixmaster) are looking SO beautiful.........Lucy x