Saturday, July 12, 2008

UFO Update #3 / Knitted Longies

Knitted green longies, which are water-resistant by virture of being made of 100% wool. I can use these over fitted nappies, or even terry towelling flats, WITHOUT needing to use a cover.

This is the first thing I've ever knitted, and I'm so happy with how they turned out. I *think* one leg is slightly longer than the other, but it must be because my stitches were slightly tighter on one side, because I've recounted and there are definitely the same number of rows in each leg.

When I finished knitting these, I immediately started knitting another pair, in Woolganics organic wool, coloured Chile (deep, dark red), just so that I don't forget what to do. I'm going too knit a pair for a friend in my mum's group too, for her daughter Niamh.

UFO List:
1. Cloth bum wipes
2. Cloth nappies - Cuddlebuns
3. Cloth mama pads
4. Flower garden knee quilt
5. English patchwork knee quilt
6. Japanese fabric quilt
7. Wheat harvesting cross-stitch
8. Watering can of flowers cross-stitch
9. Knitted longies - green
10. Knitted longies - red
11. Boxer shorts for Gareth
12. Ankle length pink skirt
13. Curtains for Jambin's playroom
14. Curtains for my outdoor office
15. Bibs
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Michelle's World said...

Oh I am very proud of you. I will have to put a photo of my cross stitch on my site sometime - you would be pleased with my progress!

Lucy said...

So cute. And I am presuming that the shredded paper around Jambins feet is headed for the comcpost? Lucy xx