Monday, August 4, 2008

Will my house ever be clean again?

This is the mess Jambin created in the time it took me to brush my teeth. Lest you think I am a dental hygiene freak, I can assure you that I only spend a few minutes on my pearly whites morning and night. I don't even floss and gargle every time. If I'm being honest, I will admit that I don't even floss and gargle on a monthly basis, which is probably why my dentist gave me quote recently for the work I need doing, and it amounts to just over $600.

It's not that I have terribly high standards of house cleanliness, but I do like to be able to walk down the hallway without tripping over things, and when I cook, it's nice to be able to take the ingredients and utensils out of cupboards and drawers, instead of picking them up off the floor.

Tidying is tricky. Jambin immediately wants to play with (i.e. distribute throughout the house) anything that I touch. So by virtue of that, anything that I touch to tidy away, automatically becomes his new favourite toy, to be discarded only when I touch something else in a pointless effort to create some semblence of order. You can see where I'm going with this .....

I've done a lot of thinking about this, and as far as I can tell, the only solution is to massively declutter the amount of stuff we own. Less stuff = less things for Jambin to take out of cupboards = less things for me to put back into cupboards. Jambin is a whirlwind of never-ceasing activity - that's just his temperament and I can't see it changing in the short term, so I need to change either (1) the home environment or (2) my reaction to the mess or (3) both.

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Lucy said...

Oh I so can relate.

Declutter. And feel safe in the knowledge that they DO grow out of it........I promise.