Sunday, March 8, 2009

Shaving Cream

I had this bright idea. Shaving cream, food colouring, toddler .....
I thought it might teach him some interesting concepts about what happens when two colours get mixed, and a nice sensory experience with touching different textures.

The reality: 2 minutes preparation, 5 minutes 'play' (mostly tantrums), 45 minutes clean-up including bath and hair-washing.

Lessons learned: next time, child STARTS activity naked.




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Michelle's World said...

On the bright side it looks like he is a very sensory boy. Mark would judt look at the bowl of shaving cream and refuse to touch it! If Thomas made a mess with it he would stand and say 'Why is he making such a mess?!' some people think it is fun darling!

Lia Mack said...

and maybe child does activity outside! ;)