Friday, May 23, 2008

UFO Update #1 / Boxer Shorts

Yesterday I finished sewing Gareth’s boxer shorts from Simplicity Pattern #9958. It was generally an easy pattern to follow, although I did seem to misread the instructions for the fly …. mine turned into a false fly after I sewed both flaps together. I’ve re-read the pattern and I’m sure I’ve done what is written, but I’m also certain it’s not supposed to be a false fly as there would have been a much simpler way of creating it if it wasn’t designed to be put into use.
I made a size S for Gareth which is plenty big enough. He could probably fit into an XS. When he tried them on he told me they felt a little ‘plume-y’ compared with some of his store-bought boxers, but then he also said he liked that he could squat, walk, ride a bike etc without them riding up too high.

I’m planning on making him at least another 6 pairs, probably more. And then I’m going to try adapting the pattern slightly to make some for me - I’ll probably make the rise a little lower since I like to wear my pants on my hips (and underneath my baby belly overhang) and the leg length a little shorter.

UFO List:

1. Cloth bum wipes
2. Cloth nappies - Cuddlebuns
3. Cloth mama pads
4. Flower garden knee quilt
5. English patchwork knee quilt
6. Japanese fabric quilt
7. Wheat harvesting cross-stitch
8. Watering can of flowers cross-stitch
9. Knitted longies - green
10. Knitted longies - red and purple
11. Boxer shorts for Gareth
12. Ankle-length pink skirt
13. Curtains for Jambin's playroom
14. Curtains for my outdoor office
15. Bibs

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