Friday, May 30, 2008

UFO Update #2 / Cloth Bum Wipes

I've finished making 14 cloth bum wipes. One side is flannelette, the other side is terry towelling. I may make more with any fabric scraps left over from my nappy-making, but 14 plus the 8 Swaddlebees ones that I already own is a good start.

UFO List:

1.Cloth bum wipes
2. Cloth nappies - Cuddlebuns
3. Cloth mama pads
4. Flower garden knee quilt
5. English patchwork knee quilt
6. Japanese fabric quilt
7. Wheat harvesting cross-stitch
8. Watering can of flowers cross-stitch
9. Knitted longies - green
10. Knitted longies - red and purple
11. Boxer shorts for Gareth
12. Ankle length pink skirt
13. Curtains for Jambin's playroom
14. Curtains for my outdoor office
15. Bibs
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